Nueva Radio Flamenca para Android aqui

Sea paciente, puede tardar unos segundos en cargar.

Necesita Java instalado en su navegador.

Navegadores recomendados: IE, Chrome o Firefox. No funciona con móviles.

6 Responses to Online

  1. El Kiko says:

    This is really great and just getting better all the time with more resourses , I did some videos using a different ( not so good ) metronome I think the net one should be with this one ………….really well done

  2. El Kiko says:

    added suggestion …can you make the tempo adjuster digital as well? so that you can just type in the speed you want as the slider is a bit fiddly ?.. or have a drop down box of the most common tempos … meaning i may want 140 but a orobably never want 142 or like that it makes it easier for practice as some times you play a t a certain speed then go up 10 to try again a bit faster so 130. 140, 150..

    • admin says:

      That is a good suggestion Kiko, we will work on that. Actually, the android version already has that functionality.

      • El Kiko says:

        Julian …

        Thanks , I also got one other suggestion , if you are interested . as with a few other programmes . it would be useful if the space bar on the computer could stop and start the metronome , or pause it , some of us get used to this with video programmes that do this .
        I keep hitting the space from time to time and then think …’oh yeah not with this programme ‘ some time you just stop or pause for a short while to figure something out , and then go again , so its quicker and easier than getting the mouse moving to the button and click …. not that that in itself is harder but remember you are holding a guitar as well ….
        I have other ideas as well but i dont want to bither you too much …

  3. Molnar Jeno says:

    Hi there,

    Great tool, more than helpful. I would like to thank you very much. I study Gerhard de Graf Martinez books and C.D.-s, relatively new to flamenco and is really time for me to exercise only with compas the songs that i really play well already, bulerias mostly, So i will start with the basics, palmas, and when it goes well the other, more advanced rhitms will come) (SUGESTIONS WELLCOME)). Thanks again. Is there any free version for android powered mobile phones?

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